Eden Health Food’s 2 Week Intestingal Detox Program

This review is based on my own personal experience with the products.

I have just completed a 2 week bowel detox program recommended by a couple of our fellow Passionately Vital Villagers. Their experiences were so positive I simply had no choice but to try the program out for myself.

As a naturopath I have tested many detoxification protocols on myself before I felt confident in recommending them to others. Many of these protocols were highly intensive, included a lot of foul tasting concoctions, and cost a lot of money!

Eden Health Food’s IDF program is very simple and inexpensive in comparison to every other program I’ve tried. And, best of all I found it easy to do and very effective!

I love the ingredients, which are all natural, mostly organic and/or wildcrafted and carefully considered. No useless fillers here. All ingredients are specifically suited to the various elements of the detoxification process.

To get the most of the program I modified my diet and exercise routine and drank more filtered water than usual. I also did a few other things to aid the elimination process such as dry skin brushing and drinking specific herbal teas.

My Results:

  • I lost a little bit of weight
  • I’ve noticed an increase in my energy levels (I beat my PB in my Saturday Park Run)
  • I eliminated a lot of old stuff (plaque) from my bowels.
  • and I think my skin looks a little bit clearer, as do the whites of my eyes!

I highly recommend this bowel cleanse to ALMOST everyone. I generally do not recommend any kind of detoxification program to those pregnant or breastfeeding, nor for people with certain health conditions.

In fact, I recommend making an appontment with you your health care professional to discuss whether this detoxification program is suitable for you.

Here is the HOW TO brochure from Eden Foods:

More DETAILS here:


  1. Superfood 150g – Get maximum nutrition in
  2. IDF#1 (Intestinal Detox Formula #1) – Get maximum waste out
  3. IDF#2 (Intestinal Detox Formula #2) – Deep clean your colon
  4. Ultimate Biotic Pre/Probiotic 80g – Recolonise with friendly bacteria

IDF#1 & IDF#2 are critical to this cleanse. The other 2 supplements may be substituted out for products you might already be using.


Normally this complete program would cost you $200. When you purchase through Passionately Vital, VIP Members SAVE $20.


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